FOOD 4 PETS has high quality products in its product portfolio, and we are the first domestic company which use meat for human consumption in the production of raw dog food. Additionally, we also produce processed dog food, chews, and we plan to expand our portfolio with cat food as well.

FOOD 4 PETS limited liability company was founded in 2019 in Kraljevo, as a producer of premium quality food and chews.

Currently, our product portfolio includes chews, raw and processed dog food. We make them of raw materials of domestic origin, which we purchase from reputable meat producers, treat and process as for human consumption. All our products were developed in cooperation with the Institute of Food Technology Novi Sad (FINS), while the quality of the final product is controlled by the Veterinary Institute in Kraljevo.

Production in our facility is organized in accordance with the food safety system HACCP. We are working intensively on obtaining this certificate.

We have license for product export to the market of the European Union.



We supply foreign and domestic markets with our products under the brand name „Mr. Woof” in attractive packaging.

Additionally, we produce pet food for third parties. This means that we can create a product for you based on your own recipe, design packaging, and you can sell it under your own brand.

100%natural ingredients
100%easily digestible
100%without aroma and artificial color
100%gluten free


Special benefits for our partners

Make your business part of our success story.

  • Kennels
  • Asylums
  • Dog trainers and trainers
  • Guesthouses for dogs
  • Distributors
  • Wholesale